Benefits of Integrating Cannabis Software with Metrc

The recreational use of marijuana has been legalized by various countries. Therefore, various countries have authorized the Metrc track and trace software as the main service provider to the cannabis retailer. To keep in check the sale and purchase of marijuana, various countries have made it compulsory for all marijuana dispensaries to report using Metrc. If anyone fails to do so, then the strict actions will be taken against that retailer.

The cannabis retailers have to report the daily sale or purchase to Metrc. They can either report manually or automate the reporting process with the help of advanced dispensary software. You should install the smart cannabis software in your cannabis retail shop and integrate it with the Metrc. By integrating the software with the Metrc system, you can save your precious time and money as well. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various advantages of integration of cannabis software with Metrc:

  • Optimum Tracking & Tracing Metrc

The main objective behind the Metrc’s track and trace software is to keep an eye on the production of marijuana and its sale. If you integrate the Metrc with the cannabis software, then the cannabis dispensary owner can easily track every transaction. In simple terms, the integration of cannabis software with Metrc will let you keep an eye on every transaction with detailed information. With the help of this software integration, the government authorities will easily get to know who purchase marijuana, how much, and by whom.  

All cannabis dispensary owners have to record the sales and purchase information precisely do that they do not face any problem during the time of inspection. The cannabis retailers have to store the information for seven years. In case any product is not up to the mark, this recorded information will help you to get the details of customers who bought that specific product from you. You can easily issue the recall notice for your customers.

  • Automation In Reporting

Manually entering the details in Metrc is a tedious task. Therefore, you should integrate the cannabis software with the Metrc and automate the reporting process. The software integration with the Metrc can automate the process of entering the details and let the managers of the cannabis industry stay stress-free. When it comes to compliance with the reporting of sales and purchase of marijuana, then Metrc follows a specific criterion. It is the responsibility of the dispensary owners to properly note down every transaction or sale of marijuana.

While recording the information related to the sale of marijuana, you should note down the following information:

  • The total amount of marijuana
  • The unit used for the measurement
  • Exact date and time of the sale
  • Total dollars of the marijuana sale

This detailed information should be submitted within 24 hours of sale to fulfill the compliance requirements. If you fail to do so, then you may face legal problems. By integrating your cannabis software with the Metrc software, you can submit the details of the marijuana sale.

  • Keep An Eye On Inventory

It is imperative to maintain the precise record of stock in your inventory. All cannabis retailers should maintain the record of the stock in their inventory to stay compliant. According to rules and regulations of the Bureau of Cannabis Control, every cannabis retailer has to compare their marijuana inventory with the record entered in Metrc every 14 days. The advanced cannabis software integration with Metrc can help in simplifying the reconciliation process. The inventory reports help in counting product quantities quickly and easily.  

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