To regulate the cannabis market, the cultivation, production and marketing of this product has been made legal. This business was quickly democratized all over the world.
CBD, the new mode of cannabis use

It is known as cannabis, hemp, marijuana, weed or hash. It is called on the other hand joint, firecracker or buzz in the street. As soon as one of these names is pronounced, this plant alone revives debates. Today, it is the star plant in the world, because its marketing has become a real business. 


Indeed, for a very long time this product has been marketed in the black market, but wanting to reduce illegal transactions, many countries have entered into legality. This decision was not easy to accept by the rest of the world, but over time it became a very promising case.

The CBD market attracts a lot of operators

Since the CBD market was made legal, many operators have been launching themselves concretely from its planting to its commercialization. To enter this legal market, operators must obtain an authorization and comply with the letter of the conditions, including the quality of the product as well as the tax rate. seed to sale software helps to track the inventory system.

Oils: from leaves, flowers, stems, the extract is then dissolved in coconut oil, olive or hemp seeds. These oils can then be used to create massage balms, face creams, shampoos and more.

CBD capsules also exist on the market.

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