4 Of The Best Cannabis-themed Apps That Allow You To Improve Your Experience

The age of technology has introduced us to a host of different gadgets and tools that help improve everyday activities, often by making it easier to drive and offering the opportunity to record and take note of them. Among these gadgets are smartphone apps, or more simply apps. 


These seed to sale software have been developed to improve dozens of activities, from shopping to sports to travel and communication. With many cannabis-themed apps available, cannabis users have clearly not been sidelined. Apps range from those that help you grow your weed, to those that provide you with cooking recipes and everything in between.


Below, you'll find 7 of the best cannabis-themed apps that allow you to improve your experience in every way.


  1. Canix


Canix is the cannabis user's best friend. This highly developed software was created to help cannabis users find dispensaries and other outlets. The app works internationally and can be used to find the best dispensaries in the USA, right down to the most popular clubs in Canada, UK. 


Canix also offers menus and prices for most establishments, allowing you to pass the options in review before leaving the comfort of home and going in search of a few heads. The app also offers comprehensive reviews of varieties that discuss its power, effects, and flavors, allowing you to discover a variety with exactly the traits you're interested in before you go to buy it.


Canix also includes a large consumer community that offers product reviews and share photos of a bunch of products, allowing you, even more, to choose whether the establishment is for you. 



Leafly is a platform that provides in-depth information on almost every cannabis variety in the world. Simply enter the name of a variety you're asking questions about in the search bar to learn everything there is to know. These pages offer information about the lineage, the place of origin, and a bunch of other features. The information provided also details the values in terms of cannabinoids in variety, its effects, and documents its recreational or medical characteristics. Each page also offers a profile of flavors of the variety, using clean, crisp images to show what the varieties have to offer.


The application is also very useful if you are planning to grow crops, as it provides useful information about flowering, expected yields, and the type of environment that some varieties prefer. Most varieties also have several user reviews that anecdotally describe the effects, tastes, and growing characteristics of the varieties in their possession.




Major technological advances have allowed many industries to automate their procedures, meaning that a task that previously required hours of work can now be done with a single click. The cannabis industry has adopted such technologies, and applications such as Growtronix allow cannabis users to enjoy them at home. The application is designed to work with different materials that allow you to fully automate every aspect of the growing process. 


The system operates using a series of sensors and controllers and is capable of operating and monitoring lighting, pumps, air circulation, humidifiers, valves, padlocks, heaters, CO2 systems, exhaust systems, smoke detectors, overflow detectors, pH level, and floor temperature. Many of these systems can be remotely controlled over the internet, allowing you to make the necessary changes at the right time, even when you are away from home.


Growtronix also offers regular and comprehensive data about your culture system, presenting information in the form of graphs. The app also offers electrical cost analyses, images, and video timelapse.


  1. EAZE


Delivering his cannabis to his home was once the dream of all stoners running out of weed at midnight or unable to find suppliers. However, what was a dream is now a reality. Eaze is a cannabis delivery application very similar to Uber or Deliveroo formats. 


The company acts as an intermediary between cannabis dispensaries and their customers, delivering cannabis extracts, flowers, edibles, and much more to your doorstep. Every cannabis product imaginable is just a click away. Browse dispensary menus, find what boosts your appetite, and wait quietly for delivery on your couch. 


Eaze offers a service that helps you find a doctor who can prescribe cannabis-based medications, allowing you to access the products in a simple and legal way. The app also offers an estimated delivery time and allows consumers to track their orders, letting you know exactly when your order arrives.


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